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We’ve been working in this dream for almost 6 years now with a lot of struggles and difficulties but we are super happy that this dream is becoming true.

We are in the Colombian Pacific Coast in an amazing spot, we have a Little private Paradise inside a National Park in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by jungle and with a beautiful private beach where you can also watch the Plancton shine at night. If you really love nature you’ll be amazed by the beauty of this Little Paradise.


The requirements and tasks are super basic:

  • Always having good energy, being positive and radiate happiness, joy and good vibes at the Hostel.
  • We want for you an amazing experience too and we make everything we possibly can to make it so. The Hostel covers your stay and we offer all the foods. Please we only ask for you to be super committed because if you aren’t you’re taking the spot from other volunteer that may contribute more towards our dream.

If you’re interested in living in Paradise please write to:

Tell us something about yourself and how you could help us in our dream.
*We ask our volunteers to stay at least 3 weeks)
Much love and good vibes!
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